Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still going

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. A friend reminded me today so this will probably be a little lengthy post(s). Forgive me. Anyways, I'm still at it. I go to the gym 4-6 days a week and workout 6-10 hours a week. I'm loving my T.E.A.M. fitness class. I think it's the best thing I could have done to help me with this challenge. The ladies have been a great support and the trainer is awesome. She helps me get out of my comfort zone. For example, we did a little relay in the pool and use the watersides. I'm an anxious person and would never do the slides before. Silly, I know. I've been thinking as I watch Biggest Loser that I should so some things that get me out of my comfort zone. I am feeling a lot more confident than I had before. I think becoming smaller and stronger just naturally had done this for me. I've been trying to be good and stick to my "light" menus. Even when we eat out I'm very careful about what I eat. I have a few new recipes for you. Even with my best efforts though I'm not a top contender for the grand prize. Not even locally. I'm down 15.2 with my last weigh in being 167.3. I hate their scale - it's always a few pounds higher than my own. I'm in this for the long run though. Meaning I'm in this for health. Winning the contest would just be gravy. Monte bought me an iPod nano for our 15 year anniversary. I welcome any suggestions for great workout music. Sometimes you'll see me running along mouthing the words. I probably look like an idiot, but I'm not doing this for any coolness factor. Monte has been great eating all things I come up with and even challenging me with planks, sit-ups, etc. Sidenote: Everyone in the Riding house has had colds - EXCEPT me. I was always the first one to catch them before. I think eating the right foods definitely are contributing to a healthier me. So onto the recipes.

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